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Your Guide To Apartment Pool Safety In Indianapolis

July 20, 2023
Apartment swimming pool at The Hamilton in Fishers.

The opening of a community pool is like the unofficial kickoff to the summer season. You’re excited to spend your weekends in the water. But before doing so, check out this straightforward guide for apartment pool safety in Indianapolis. A few sensible safeguards will go a long way to keeping you and your guests out of harm’s way when using this popular apartment amenity.

Top Apartment Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pool and outdoor seating at apartment.
Despite being enjoyable and relaxing, swimming pools do present a possible threat, specially for inexperienced swimmers. To make certain you have a fantastic time, heed these basic apartment pool safety recommendations for Indianapolis.
  • Never swim alone: Regardless of whether you’re a accomplished swimmer or a novice - you should always have someone with you in case of a problem. Accidents can happen regardless of your age, physical condition, or fitness level.
  • Pay close attention to little ones: If you have little children, ensure they use a properly sized buoyancy aid or life jacket. And make sure to supervise your little ones carefully every moment, even when they’re not in the pool. A little one wobbling on the edge of a pool is a crisis about to unfold. If your loved ones haven’t mastered how to swim, summer break is an excellent time to sign up for classes.
  • Finish eating prior to jumping in: Your mouth ought to be free of food when entering the pool to keep yourself from struggling for breath. So make sure you’re done with your sandwich and take out your chewing gum before taking a dip.
  • Avoid pushing, running, and diving: Pool decks are slippery, and apartment swimming pools are frequently quite shallow. For these reasons, pushing, running, and diving should be avoided in all situations to steer clear of harm.
  • Stay away from holding your breath underwater: We’ve all seen youngsters engage in a breath-holding contest. This is ill-advised for anyone as it can cause fainting and drowning.
  • Be weather smart: Take heed of weather warnings, and if you discern thunder or catch sight of lighting, don’t disregard it. Leave the swimming pool and go to a safe area.
  • Follow all visible instructions: Your apartment community will have rules posted. Follow them and make certain your friends do as well. They are designed for your own well-being.
  • Keep the glass bottles at home: Select plastic containers or cans when loading your bag for the swimming pool. Glassware and hard pool surroundings aren’t a good combination. If a glass container bursts, it can quickly result in problems for bare feet.

You and your family can spend a great time at your apartment’s swimming pool this season. Just be sure to think about safety in and around the pool.

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