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Can You Find Different Types Of Apartment Buildings In Indianapolis?

June 03, 2022

When you’re looking for a new home, you’ll notice different types of apartment buildings in Indianapolis. Almost all can be placed into three categories: low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise. But which style of property is best? Evaluating the pros and cons of each option will help you decide what type of apartment you want to live in.

The Pros And Cons Of High-rise Apartment Buildings

High-rise apartment buildings generally consist of ten or more stories. You’ll see them in the heart of the city where their elevation lets them lodge many occupants within a small horizontal area. People who appreciate occupying high-rise apartments like them because:

  • High-rise structures offer exceptional views of Indianapolis.
  • They’re downtown within walking distance shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Numerous high-rises also have stores or restaurants on their ground floor.
  • They will reduce your travel time if you have a job or go to school in the area.
  • High-rise buildings include elevators, so you never have to lumber up stairs.
  • At a high-rise, all of your fellow Residents reside in the same building. This can provide a stronger sense of community as you converse in the hallways or when taking the elevator. You may also get the service of a concierge or porter.

Even with its many benefits, habitating in a high-rise isn’t for every person. Living in a downtown high-rise is entertaining and lively for numerous folks, but you probably won’t appreciate it if you prefer tranquility and natural surroundings. Departing for the day can also take a few more minutes when residing in a tall building, and an urban center may have a limited amount of nearby parking spots. As a final note, high-rise units can be smaller to be able to accommodate more homes into a restricted quantity of space.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Low-rise Apartment Buildings

Somo Flats Apartments is a low-rise building. 

When it comes to different types of apartment buildings in Indianapolis, low-rise — commonly referred to as garden-style options — are at the other end of the spectrum from high-rises. They usually feature four or fewer levels and are situated in the suburbs. You normally have many low-rise structures within one property with plenty of of space around them.

You’re probably wondering: Why should I contemplate moving to a low-rise apartment in lieu of other types of apartment buildings in Indianapolis?

  • Low-rise apartments feature more units on the lower level, providing simpler accessibility to the building.
  • Low-rise buildings typically boast more parking places for Residents and others.
  • You’ll find extra outside room to enjoy if you have a four-legged companion or an inclination for nature views beyond your window in lieu of a bustling urban scene.
  • You’ll live in the more peaceful suburbia.
  • You share walls, halls, and entryways with less people and have more privacy.

Even so, not everyone seeks these benefits. If you have a preference for the excitement and entertainment of downtown living, a quiet suburban low-rise complex won’t fit your needs. Based on where you work or study, you could encounter a long drive from your low-rise unit as well.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Mid-rise Apartment Buildings

City's End Apartments is a mid-rise building. 

Mid-rise apartment buildings consist of five to nine levels. You’ll notice mid-rise apartments in both city and outlying areas, so they incorporate the advantages of other types of apartment buildings in Indianapolis:
  • When finding a mid-rise building in suburbia, you’ll appreciate a quiet community and outdoor space blended with the camaraderie of habitating in a more populated building.
  • If you choose a mid-rise apartment in downtown Indianapolis, you won’t have as many occupants as a high-rise but you can still take part in the thrill of city living.

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