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How To Make A Smart Apartment In Indianapolis

January 04, 2023
Kitchen with a white island and brown cupboards at Penrose On Mass Apartments

Smart gadgets are now quite popular in Indianapolis homes. Numerous electronics and appliances come with smart advancements to make life even easier. But you shouldn’t feel that you have to miss out if you live in an apartment. You may not be able to change the wiring of your apartment for smart components, but you can still integrate a range of gadgets to make your apartment smart in Indianapolis.

Use Smart Plugs To Get Access To Electrical Components From Any Location

If you’re wondering how to make a smart apartment in Indianapolis, begin with smart plugs. They plug into your current electrical outlets, and then you plug in your electrical components. ​​You’ll now be able to switch them off or on through an app on your phone when you’re not home or you would rather not walk across your spacious apartment to hit the switch. Shut down the bedroom lighting from your bed. Cut the power source to out-of-reach electronics when going on vacation. You may even schedule lighting to switch on at predetermined times to make it look like you’re in the apartment when you’re away.

Manage Various Devices With A Smart Speaker

Woman sitting on a sofa beside a smart speaker on a coffee table

Another important implement for making your apartment smart in Indianapolis is a smart speaker. You control these components simply by saying commands to the “virtual assistant” that is part of your speaker. The AI assistant answers when you inquire about the current temperature and follows instructions like when you request it to start playing your favorite playlist.

You are also able to take advantage of your smart speaker to engage other smart gadgets. Tell it to activate lighting when you come home from work, flip on the television for your little ones when you’re making dinner, or turn off a smart plug in another room.

Direct The Lights In Your Place With Smart Light Bulbs

Pendant lights hanging in a kitchen and living room at One One Six Apartments

With smart light bulbs in every one of your lamps, you are able to conveniently control the illumination in your Indianapolis apartment through the sound of your voice or a touch of your finger. Smart bulbs interact with your smart speaker’s virtual assistant and your smartphone app. So instead of traipsing through every room shutting off lights, you may simply issue the command “Turn off all lights!” to switch them off in advance of leaving for work, or simply go to the app on your smartphone to tell smart bulbs to dim, brighten, and even change colors to accommodate your current disposition.

Keep An Eye On Everything With Smart Wireless Cameras

Exterior view of an apartment building at City Flats Apartments

It doesn’t matter if you reside in the safest neighborhood in the area, home security is still a critical consideration. Considering the fact that you aren’t allowed to hook up hardwired components inside your apartment, some smart surveillance cameras will make you feel safer. Wireless surveillance devices are powered by batteries and transmit real-time clips to your mobile device. Video cameras discourage invaders and are a source of actual evidence if criminal activity does occur.

Smart surveillance does more than keep your property safe, though. If you live in a pet-friendly apartment, keep an eye on your furry friend with your smart camera while you’re in the office. Or if you have small children, being able to observe them gives you enhanced peace of mind when they’re sleeping.

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