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How Long Does It Take To Move Into An Apartment In Indianapolis?

March 06, 2024
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You’re thrilled to move but are nervous about getting a place in a reasonable timeframe. Maybe you are starting a job soon and need a new place to live near your office. It makes sense that you prefer to get moved in at once. So, how long does it take to move into an apartment in Indianapolis? Review what to expect and explore some recommendations on how to keep things moving forward.

Give Yourself Time To Find An Apartment In Indianapolis

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The longest facet of moving is picking somewhere you love. Plan ahead as much as possible and give yourself at least a month to make a decision. You’ll want to tour different possibilities to check out floor plans and available amenities and get a general feel of the community. Just remember that during the busy season of May through September, you’ll deal with the toughest competition for available rentals and higher monthly rates.

Once you’ve selected the ideal complex, the rest of the process ought to move along swiftly. Here’s what you may anticipate the rest of the way.

What Are General Timeframes For Applying And Getting Moved In?

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Once you’ve selected an apartment you like, you might potentially relocate within 2-4 weeks. But, it helps if there’s an empty, ready-to-rent unit in your ideal floor plan. Here’s a standard timetable of the steps involved:

  • Fill out an application: This activity should only take you a single day, possibly two, if you need to hunt down a little info. Do yourself a favor by filling out the form precisely and thoroughly, as that will keep things moving smoothly. The location you’re applying to could even have a virtual application you can complete at your convenience.
  • Financial and background check: You can anticipate this step requiring anywhere from a few days to more than a week. Property management will review things like your arrest record, tenant history, and credit score. Keep in mind, if there are units available, the leasing professionals will wish to occupy them. They’ll keep this stage moving as rapidly as they are able.
  • Approval and signing: If you’re approved, your rental contract will be emailed to you for an e-signature. After checking it over and signing, you’ll be asked to provide a security deposit. Having the needed amount ready to pay will keep things progressing.
  • Get packed and move in: Timelines will vary greatly at this phase depending on how much you have and the amount of time it takes to pack. You’ll have to consider this when establishing a move-in date. Local moves with a moderate amount of furnishings can be done in just a day or two. On the other hand, long-distance relocations with lots to load up might take many weeks to plan and accomplish.

Eliminate surprises by inspecting your credit rating prior to applying. It’s also wise to plan your finances well in advance and save enough money for the security deposit.

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