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Do You Have To Pay For Apartment Amenities In Indianapolis?

May 17, 2023
Swimming pool at Lakeside Apartments in Carmel.

When trying to find the right apartment, probably the primary thing you'll think about is location. Next, you'll need to figure out what you are able to pay. When you have the community and cost determined, you'll also want to find out about the available amenities. Is there a swimming pool and fitness center? Do you have to pay for apartment amenities in Indianapolis? Let's take a look at what features are designated as amenities and whether or not you'll need to pay an extra cost for them.

What Are Apartment Amenities?

Fitness center at City's End Apartments in IndianapolisIn general, apartment amenities are bonus features provided to Residents to enhance their experience at the community. There's a lot that could be placed into this description. You could consider high-end appliances at an elegant mid-rise apartment to be an extra feature or even outdoor cameras that enhance safety. But when most people envision amenities, they are thinking about the following:

  • Pools and hot tubs
  • On-site gyms
  • Business centers and clubhouses
  • Outdoor grills
  • Nature trails
  • Bark parks
  • Covered parking or parking garages

Now that we’ve defined what amenities are, let’s find out if you’ll have to pay for them.

Are Apartment Amenities Free In Indianapolis?

Kitchen area of apartment clubhouseEven though you may come across properties that impose an extra fee for amenities, the straightforward answer to the above question is "yes". Apartment amenities are usually covered in your rent. Taking that under consideration, a community that provides a range of luxury amenities will probably demand more for rent. This is necessary to balance out the price of maintaining and operating those amenities. The encouraging news is that the added cost is spread out among all tenants, and the amount you pay in rent will likely be within the same ballpark as other alternatives in the area.

There’s no need to pay an additional fee for lifestyle enhancements like a health club membership when you may pick an apartment with the exact amenities you desire. Considering the convenience aspect, wouldn’t it make more sense to utilize a pool or fitness center without leaving your apartment community?

Amenities You May Pay An Additional Fee To Have

Entrance to apartment parking garageThe community-wide amenities offered to all tenants, like fitness rooms and business centers, will be included in your rent, but there might be some exclusive amenities you pay an extra fee to have. To illustrate, you could decide to rent additional, on-premises storage space near your place. Or, you could opt to rent a designated spot in a parking garage. When being guided around the property, be sure to inquire if there are added charges for the amenities you would like.

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Now that you have learned if you’ll have to pay for apartment amenities in Indianapolis, it’s the perfect moment to figure out the options you wish to have at your new home. Schedule a tour at City's End - Fountain Square Apartments and enjoy the best in luxury apartment living. Our welcoming leasing agents are here to answer any inquiries you have about our different apartment amenities and community features. If you want more information, all you have to do is give us a call at 463-231-3192.